Free Admission to the Sonoma County Fair?

It seems like you can’t get much for free these days, but on July 27th, opening night of the Sonoma County Fair, we’ve changed all that!

Come be a part of OUR living flag!

First, you’ll want to meet our special events organizer at the Downtown Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market (between 4th & E St) between 6:307 PM to join our sidewalk procession to the Fairgrounds. You can dance, hop, skip or just walk with us as we head from downtown to the Fair. Everyone who participates in the procession gets a free ticket to the Fair (and a participatory ribbon)!*

Once here, we’re heading over to the Racing Grandstands for some patriotic fun. First, it’s a Living Flag. Fairgoers will receive either a red, white or blue cap and be arranged into a United States Flag. As you can imagine, it takes some time to arrange 1,000 people into the shape of a flag. So, in the meantime, the crowd will be led in a patriotic singalong.

O course, you can’t have a living flag and patriotic singalong without fireworks. Be at the Grandstands by 9:15 pm if you want to see the fireworks show!

*You must participate in the FULL procession to get a free General Admission ticket to the Fair.

3 thoughts on “Free Admission to the Sonoma County Fair?

  1. We are! In honor of our 75th, we’re bringing back quite a few fun events, contests and exhibits! Stay tuned to find out more of what we have in store.

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