Fair Contests for All Ages

Kids participate in the Stroller Derby.

Time to start practicing your animal noises, grape spitting and scarecrow making! We just posted the 2011 Sonoma County Fair contest schedule right here on our website.

Every year we have contests througout the fairgrounds every day of the Fair. A full description of the contests will be posted soon, but for now you can take a look at the line-up and plan for which ones you want to win.

Pick up a few packs of bubblegum for practice if you plan on entering our Bubblegum blowing contest. Or start practicing your free throw for the basketball Free Throw contest.

2008 bubblegum contest participants.

Do you have an ear-piercing, brain rattling shriek? It’s SCREAM! – the loudest and most piercing scream wins! (You might want to warn the neighbors before you practice this one)

There are contests to find the best whistler, the best grape spitter and even to find out who is best at imitating animal sounds.

Some contests are just for kids, like the Kid Races (a footrace), Stroller Races, Egg Hunts and the  best milk moustache (10 & under). And, that’s just the beginning!

Grab the family and build a scarecrow!

Families can participate too. There’s the Family Look-Alike contest and Scarecrow Building and Un-Building contests that the whole famly can enjoy.

LEGO-lovers, this one is open to all ages! Stop by the west side of Finley Hall and create your LEGO masterpiece.

There’s even a contest for you lazy gardeners out there, it’s the Longest Weed contest!

July 30-31 is the Wizard’s Weekend and in celebration of the new book, it’s all Harry Potter, all the time. Stay tuned for details on those contests and events!

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