75 Years of Sonoma County Fair Themes

Over the years, the Sonoma County Fair has had many themes. That’s our theme for the contest today!

Today’s contest for a pair of general admission tickets isn’t going to be as easy as the last one! You’re going to have to get creative. Here’s how it works:

1) Read the list of past Sonoma County Fair themes.

2) Come up with a theme for a future fair. Repeats or simply rephrasing from the list below won’t qualify.

3) Visit our Facebook page and look for the contest post.

4) Add your theme to the comments below the post.

5) Go through the rest of the theme suggestions in the comments and “like” your favorites. You can like your own too!

6) The person who posts the theme with the most “likes” by 5:00 pm wins the tickets!

See? Not too hard! (only ONE submission per person, please!)


1936        Revival of theSonomaCounty Fair

1937        No Theme on Record

1938        Fun For All

1939        No Theme on Record

1940        Let’s All Go to the Fair

1941        Patriotism

1942        Food for Victory

1943-1944 (no fairs held)

1945        Victory Revival

1946        No Theme on Record

1947        No Theme on Record

1948        No Theme on Record

1949        Pioneer’s Progress

1950        Mid-Century Milestones

1951        Saluting History, Diversity & Opportunity

1952       SonomaCountyFreedom Fair

1953        The Fair of the Future

1954        A Fairyland Fantasy

1955        A Festival of Nations

1956        No Theme on Record

1957        No Theme on Record

1958        The “New Look” Fairgrounds

1959        Around the World in Flowers

1960        No Theme on Record

1961        Agricultural Frontiers

1962        Silver Jubilee

1963        Look to the Future

1964       CaliforniaHeritage

1965        Under All the Land

1966       BurbankBonanza

1967        End of the Rainbow

1968        Centennial Kaleidoscope

1969        Californiana 200

1970        Carousel of Nature

1971        PolynesianParadise

1972        Mediterranean Magic

1973        Yesterday’sWoodland

1974        Wine and Roses

1975        EarlyAmerica– West

1976        1776, East and West

1977        Go West “1876-1916”

1978        APersianGardenFantasy / Flowers Salute to Founders

1979       California’s Favorite Family Fair

1980        South of the Border

1981        Love A Fair

1982        An All New ’82’

1983        I Fleeced Ewe

1984        So Much More in ’84

1985        Go Hog Wild

1986        Kick Up Your Heels

1987        Poultry In Motion

1988        TGIF

1989        Midsummer Magic

1990        Catch Your Limit

1991        More Than Fair

1992        The FUNdamentals of Summer

1993        Summer’s Main Attraction

1994        Bee-Lieve It Or Not

1995        Seein’ Is Beelieving

1996        Fun & Games

1997        Passport to Fun

1998        Adventure inParadise

1999        On With the Show (circus)

2000        Fairly Close Encounters

2001        Gold Fever!

2002        Ride The Wave

2003        Have A Wild Time!

2004        There’s Magic in the Fair

2005        Toucan Tango!

2006        Wow! What a Wild Ride!

2007        Bee Cool (Peanuts theme)

2008        Star Spangled Celebration

2009        The Fair Before Time (dinosaurs)

2010        Grape Escape

2011        Diamond Jubilee

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