Big Weekend Photo Fun Contest

 It’s only 13 more days until the Sonoma County Fair! Maybe you’ve started hearing our advertising on the radio or seeing it on TV… or maybe you’ve started seeing signs like this one pop up around Sonoma County?

Well, here’s your chance to win tickets to the Sonoma County Fair this weekend.

Here’s what to do:

1) Between now and Monday, get out there and find a Sonoma County Fair sign

2) Take a photo of yourself in front of the sign.

3) Post it on our Facebook wall.

That’s it! The three people who post the best photos will each win a pair of general admission tickets to the Sonoma County Fair.

Disclaimer: Please use your best judgement when selecting your sign/photo location. We don’t condone breaking any laws or endangering yourself for a pair of fair tickets. E.g. please don’t climb highway billboards.

Disclaimer #2: This is a photography contest, not a Photoshop contest.

What makes a photo “the best?” Creativity of course! Dress up (like a clown? a corn dog?), bring props (giant cotton candy? a hobbyhorse?) or make your goofiest face – whatever you want to do! The best photos will be determined by a combination of the number of “likes” each photo receives and at the discretion of the judges (that would be us here in the publicity dept).

So where can you find these signs? Here’s some hints…

Bennett Valley Rd in Santa Rosa

Stony Point Rd in Santa Rosa

Los Amigos Rd in Windsor/Healdsburg

Lakeville Hwy in Petaluma

Old Adobe Rd in Petaluma

Gravenstein Hwy in Cotati

Arnold Dr in Sonoma


Old Redwood Hwy in Petaluma

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 19. All entries must be submitted by Monday, July 18th by 5:00 pm.

4 thoughts on “Big Weekend Photo Fun Contest

  1. i would but i now reside in sutter county but go back to my hometown with kids and grandkids sonoma county fair is the one i grew up with i think its still the best one around so i guess i cant participate in the contest so i will still have to pay for everything darn it sincerely richard mcmullen in yuba city ca

    1. There are a lot of other contests on Facebook and Twitter that you can participate in. We have a lot of tickets to give away still!

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