PG&E Receives Blue Ribbon Award

PG&E to receive Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award

Sonoma County Fair selects power provider, exhibitor and sponsor for prestigious honor

The Sonoma County Fair is pleased to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations for their support with the prestigious Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award. This year, the Fair Board is honoring longtime Fair supporter, Pacific, Gas and Electric (PG&E).

PG&E has been involved with the Sonoma County Fair throughout a long and treasured history— as a power provider, exhibitor, and this year as a major sponsor of the Director’s Patio. Before the Fair each year, PG&E crews perform a courtesy check of the Fair’s electrical facilities, making sure everything from the Ferris wheel to the cotton candy machines to the lighting in the livestock facilities has the power needed to work without a hitch. PG&E also plays an active role during the Fair, presenting an electrical safety demonstration for Fair guests and providing information for agricultural customers. A few years ago the opportunity came up to join the Fair in an even bigger capacity as a major sponsor and PG&E jumped at it.

“The Sonoma County Fair is one of the last and strongest vestiges of our agriculturally-centered community”, says Brian Bottari of PG&E’s Sonoma County public affairs office. “No matter how developed or modern the North Bay may become, the fair is a place to celebrate and preserve our roots as an agricultural community. It is authentic Sonoma County to the core and we love to be a part of it,” he adds.

As a Patio Sponsor, PG&E is credited with highlighting and preserving Sonoma County’s agricultural roots. The company’s support is also instrumental in bringing people from many backgrounds together in a setting where commonalities and diversity are celebrated.

“The Fair is a place where people of all walks of life come together. In the last few years as the patio sponsor, it’s been a joy to witness community members, who might have different viewpoints, discuss the direction of the county… then break bread together and acknowledge our common values and heritage. It’s unique to this county and pays dividends long after the fair is over,” says Bottari.

Each year, the Western Fairs Association presents annual awards to the best in the fair industry. The Blue Ribbon Award allows member fairs to show their appreciation of individuals or organizations who have volunteered their time and energy in support of their fair.

The Sonoma County Fair Board is honored to recognize PG&E for its long-time dedication and support of the Sonoma County Fair with a Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award.

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